ChikanKari Kurta for Women

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Chikankari Kurtis are a part of traditional Indian clothing, which is worn by women during festivals. They come in different colors, designs and styles. You can find many types of Chikankari Kurti from Lucknow, India. Here we have listed some popular Chikankari Kurtis.

Light Yellow Chikankari Kurta with Thread Work

The light yellow color of this chikankari kurta is loved by many. It has an ethnic touch to it and can be worn on any occasion. The embroidery on the shoulders and sleeves gives it a royal look, which makes it ideal for weddings or other special events where you want to look elegant. You get 2 pieces in this product which will make your shopping experience easier as well as cheaper than if you had gone out shopping separately for each piece of clothing that you need!

Yellow Chikankari Cotton Kurti

This kurta is a yellow cotton Chikankari Kurti, which means it is made from 100% pure cotton. It comes with a matching dupatta and has an open back. This style code is BK-1, which means that it can be worn with any other color or pattern of Chikankari Kurti in your closet. The size of this garment measures 38 inches long by 22 inches wide at the bottom hem but will shrink slightly when washed (which we recommend). The price for this piece is $53.99 USD; however, if you buy two or more garments together from our website (which includes shipping), then shipping costs are free!

Orange and Pink Chikankari Kurti

Chikankari kurtas are a traditional Indian dress and can be worn by women in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is made of cotton, silk and other fabrics. The chikankari kurti is hand embroidered with chalk lace (chikankari) that makes it look very beautiful. This design has been used for many years now because it gives an elegant look to the wearer without being too heavy or bulky . It can be worn with a dupatta or scarf over the shoulders, with jeans or leggings for casual wear. The chikankari Kurti is also very popular as bridal wear in India.

White Cotton Chikankari Short Kurti

This is a light weight cotton kurti, which can be worn as casual or formal wear. It comes in white color and has been made using traditional chikankari techniques. The base material is soft cotton which gives you comfort while wearing it. It has got a beautiful body which gives you the perfect look. It comes with kurta sleeve and can be worn on casual as well as formal occasions. The designer has used white thread to stitch this kurti which makes it more appealing.

Pink and Off-White Embroidered Chikankari Kurti

Chikankari Kurta is a traditional outfit worn by women in India. It has been around for several centuries, and it was originally made of cotton or silk. Nowadays, chikankari kurtas are also available in synthetic fibers like polyester or acrylic fabric. Chikankari Kurta comes with a long top piece that covers your waist as well as the bottom part of your body (the legs). The lower part of this top piece usually has an embroidered pattern on it along with some beads or sequins added to give it an extra sparkle effect! Many people choose pink color when they wear their own version of this kurta because they think it looks very pretty on them! You may want something different though if you don't like pink much then maybe go ahead with another color like black instead :)

White Georgette Embroidered Chikankari Suit

Chikankari kurtis are a traditional women's dress that is worn in India. They can be made of cotton, silk or georgette fabric. The chikankari work on it is embroidered using the thread and needles called chikankari. It has a straight hemline with front darts, side vents and back neckline with buttons or zips to close it up. It has an open back design which allows you to move freely without being restricted by your clothes when you go out for parties or other special occasions.[4]

Pink Cotton Soft Silk Long Anarkali Kurta

The pink cotton soft silk long anarkali kurta is made in Lucknow, India. It's available in other colors and sizes if you want to find something similar. The kurta is made from soft pink cotton. The color is a little pale but it's still pretty. It has a red and gold floral embroidery on the front of the blouse. The embroidery is very detailed and looks very nice. The kurta is long and fits well. It has three-quarter length sleeves that can be worn pushed up or down depending on your preference.

White Crepe Cotton Georgette Party Wear Kurta

Crepe cotton georgette is one of the most popular fabrics in India. It is made from 100% pure cotton and has a soft touch to it that makes it ideal for wearing during casual events or even formal occasions. The kurta comes in multiple colors like black, red, blue and white which you can choose according to your taste. The kurti will look trendy when paired with any of these color options as well as other accessories like sandals or bangles etc. This beautiful piece comes from India which makes it even more special because they are handmade by skilled artisans who use traditional methods to create each product with utmost care while ensuring quality standards every step along the way! The kurta is perfect for wearing on a casual day out with friends or family. You can also wear it during parties and weddings as well as any other social event. It comes in multiple colors to choose from so you will definitely find one that suits your taste!

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Chikan kurta is the best way to show your love for someone. These are handmade in India, and made with cotton material. You can choose from different colors as well as designs, so that you can find the right one for yourself or someone else who needs it! The beautiful kurta is made with 100% cotton material, which makes it soft and comfortable to wear. The color of the kurta may slightly vary from what you see in the image because of different lighting conditions while photo shoot.


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